July 26, 2012

P1020150 copy
It's gratifying to see that bags are finally small again, although I guess I've never really been up on fashion trends. On Mad Men, women carry purses that are best described as structured clutches by today's standards. For a few years there, purses, especially "it bags" were more like shapeless sacs and cavernous paper eaters. Wallet, phone, keys, lip balm, sunglasses, and pocket planner are pretty much enough.

Alexander Wang "Brenda" camera bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Classic Q Percy"


  1. love your mini bags. how is the Wang bag holding up? i've been impressed by the consistency of production details in his accessories line. definitely gives everyone who disses the 'made in china' tag a run for their $$...

  2. I know, it's so hard these days to ensure that your goods are not only the right aesthetic but also priced well and made in Europe. That said, the Wang bag is of good quality (so far), though the snake chain makes it hefty enough to not be my default bag. That would be the MBMJ crossbody, which has held up so, so well.