January 15, 2012


As a kid, I hated jujubes (a k a Chinese red dates) because I always associated them with traditional medicine and soups with weird ingredients. Their texture was always too mushy, and raw they were like apple-flavored styrofoam. My parents have always been on a quest for the very best variety, and they must have tried everything in bins at specialty stores, every single package from Korean and Chinese markets. I'm inclined to say that they've finally found it. Apple jujubes at Los Angeles farmers' markets* are humongous and flavorful. Not every jujube is perfect, but the best ones are dense and look like nougat and chocolate truffle on the inside. (About $10/lb for fat apple jujubes at farmers' markets -- one pound is one bag, as pictured. Look for Korean vendors: they are serious about their jujubes.)

*Suburban (east) LA now has markets in South Pas, Pasadena, Alhambra, Temple City, Monrovia, La Canada!


  1. Hay you're ALIVE!

    Also, I did not know those were jujubes. Turns out I hate(d) jujubes too.

  2. nice idea..thanks for sharing...