January 26, 2012

I think most women are drawn toward certain things all the time, so much so that that's all they wear for a long stretch. I know that among all of my jackets, I wear one. And I have my favorite pants, my favorite backpack, brand of scarf, etc. It doesn't help much that I pile onto the chair next to my bed. I almost never hang anything up. Everything lives in the clothing mound, so it's easier to know what I'm grabbing for, doubly so when it's guaranteed to be on top, with my everyday belt already looped through it.


Barbour Bedale, the jacket that I wear all the time, even when it's technically too cold for it
Fjallraven Kanken in burnt orange


A Peace Treaty scarf
Virginia Johnson merino wool shawls are very lovable


Lauren Moffat zip peacoat
APC simple parka with super cute quilted jacket inside (completely inspired, of course, by the Totokaelo model)


The super cute quilted jacket
Steven Alan navajo coat that I have never worn before (it doesn't live in the pile)


The North Face Denali and other heavy handed reds and pinks
Nike puffer jacket when I max out in warmth, as I did in Montreal


Fidelity shawl collar peacoat bought from Steven Alan -- also made in the USA!
Steven Alan rain parka that I wear almost every day when the weather is okay


  1. I'll admit I was thrown off by the plastic hangers. Love love love that Lauren Moffat zip peacoat! So much. Why is it so cute?

  2. Weirdly I like my clothes on plastic hangers more than wooden (or steel) hangers. But I love all of your clothes! I wish it was colder in LA so I can layer and top it off with any one of these jackets/coats. That LM peatcoat is awesome!! & do you use your fjallraven backpack a lot? I want one, but haven't used a backpack in so long (aside from college).

  3. Wow I might have been kind of drunk when I wrote that paragraph at the end. I'm living in a temporary place while I finish my degree, so it would have been too much of a hassle to get anything other than cheap hangers.

    Thank you for the kind compliments! The Lauren Moffatt peacoat is called the "Bobby McGee" and might still be available online. (I got it at Conifer SF). I use the Fjallraven every day because my school bag broke, and it's been worn down pretty quickly. It's also not the best for organization!

    Caroline, it must be very lovely in LA right now! I grew up there.

  4. love your collection! there's always that one closet item for every woman...so interesting which ones you're drawn to. and virginia johnson shawls are the best!

  5. Glad you're posting again. I've been a silent lurking for some time. Gorgeous shawls!

  6. Jeez, that's one impressive outerwear collection. I am so obsessed with that APC parka! I don't really know why I didn't get it when it was still around.