April 23, 2011


I don't do makeup at all, but skincare I do care about, as is the case with a lot of Asian women. My skin hasn't been good since moving to New York. I didn't do anything in the fall except use Olay pink stuff moisturizer and Peter Thomas Roth sunscreen, so I've gone back to what I did in California.

Recently with the Sephora discount, I've moved back to Shiseido White Lucent cleanser, which my mom uses and which I used to steal in high school. It lathers up magnificently from a tiny pea-sized drop and makes my face feel so clean. I tried Cetaphil's popular cleanser but find that it does nothing for me.

Many people have recommended Peter Thomas Roth sunscreen, which I have come to love. It's reasonably priced and does not feel greasy. For sports (i.e. when I prefer 80 SPF), I use Neutrogena's popular Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen. For arguably the most important things, moisturizers, I like Yu-Be cream and the much-lauded Ultra Repair Cream. Both are inexpensive and get the job done. I like black charcoal masks and really like Origins charcoal, but right now I'm trying Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask.


  1. I tried Cetaphil's too! Also nada.

    My friend was just telling me about Origins charcoal last night, and I was planning on getting it once the rain stopped. What kind of skin do you have?

    I've never heard of Yu-Be products. Must research.

  2. Combination to oily, I think. Yu-Be has an awesome Asian medicinal smell.

  3. Oh dear. Not sure if I can handle that.

    My skin is more combination to dry, but I've heard great things about the charcoal mask for all skin types.

  4. This is useless. Did you hold out on purpose? You couldn't post this before the coupon expired? I ended up spending it on NOTHING (though L'Eau d'Issey was very tempting. But I need another light fragrance like I need a hole in my head). I cry.

    Wow, Cetaphil products were also completely useless for me as well. Thought I'd be in the minority but our little n=3 sample says otherwise.

    Is that a Kiehls product I spy?

  5. Dang! The upside is that none of this stuff is ultra expensive. (Fracas was definitely my big score with the coupon.)

    Good eye, that blue thing is Kiehl's Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Men. My dad got it in a corporate gift basket during Christmas, so he gave it to me. It has a cool minty property that sort of burns when I apply it. Manly indeed. This and the Boscia mask are the only things here that I haven't tried before, so the jury is still out on whether I'd make a repeat purchase.

  6. great post! i actually swear by my cetaphil cleanser - i need something that's gentle and it cleanses without over-drying. i may have to do my own post on this soon. i love boscia too...have you tried Fresh products? i love their masks - it's like a spa facial at home :)