April 3, 2011

I've kept this blog for a while now to keep track of what kinds of things I buy. It's fun to see how taste changes over time -- I'm sure that if this blog went back far enough, it would feature velour tracksuits, carrying cases for rat-sized dogs and, before that, Polly Pocket and little ponies. Sometimes I suspect myself of being a raging materialist, but in fact having a place to write about pretty things has been armor against spending a lot of time on shopping. I unload everything in my head here and instead think about real estate pro formas and economics. Where the real fun is.


  1. Velour tracksuits & carrying cases?! Love the thought of you longing for that stuff!

    You probably are (a raging materialist), but I think it's a very common affliction and therefore widely accepted and more acceptable.

    At least you don't cave and buy things you don't use.

  2. I was just kidding about the Juicy Couture thing. I've liked many a stupider thing, though. By the way, I bought the Filson 256 bag new (to replace the field bag I had, which you recommended that I pound against the wall to break in). Then I was buying lemonade at Villagefest last summer, and the man behind the stand offered to trade me his old Filson 256 strap for my new one, three lemonades, and a huge bag of locally cured beef jerky from one stand over, and I agreed! That's why my bag looks so broken in. Palm Springs is magical.