June 10, 2011

It's summer, but I'm going back to California for a few weeks. So far we've had some really unpleasant and humid days in Ithaca, but most days are just fine. Los Angeles is still "home" to me, and it'll be great to have some really great food and to be able to shop. I've been wearing the same shorts and two skirts for several weeks now. And I know I've knocked Toms shoes in the past, but I bought a pair in New York this spring, and they super comfortable -- and also have foot-shrinking mojo.


  1. Like that shirt. Want that shirt.
    Also, I like your sheets.

  2. love the outfit and the HAT! my new vague interest is (sun) hats. they're so cute and/or chic when done right, but no one wears them! why?

    bandage shoes. et tu, brute?

  3. I wear that every day, so I feel good that you guys are calling it an "outfit!" The shirt is the same as the other ones I've shown you guys on Twitter: LLBean original oxford (women's). The Toms are my most treasured shoes now, Ruby. You won't regret it! And I wear the hat every day for practical sun-fearing reasons. It offers SPF 50 protection, or so it claims. Highly recommend it, as well! The maker is a company called Hat-A-Girl.

  4. oh i didn't mention that in my original comment. yes, mostly the sun thing. speaking of sun issues, don't forget to apply sunblock on your arms & fingers as well! years of driving (okay not that many years) in sunny places have noticeably aged my fingers & arms. My face is fine (or as fine as can be) but my hands! blegh!

    (does this mean parasols will finally be popular in the US?)

  5. Nice, casual outfit. It inspires me to search for perfect oxford shirts that can be both business and casual, and the denim jacket is an excellent wash. I'm glad to hear Toms are comfy! I've been wanting to buy a pair for the times I don't want to worry about ruining my shoes. Foot-shrinking abilities are always good.

  6. foot shrinking?? btw zappos has free ship/return on clothing.