March 5, 2011

IMG_6511 copy
Dieppa Restrepo 'Jericho' bootie

I want a pair of the popular 'Cali' oxford style, which goes on sale every once in a while, though usually in colors like metallic gold or silver. Probably need to get a pair in navy or black before going there. All the Dieppa Restrepo shoes I've tried have some serious foot-slimming mojo.


  1. i have a pair of Calis and totally agree. they're the best at making dapper shoes for women :)

  2. hmm i think i hit a button on my keyboard and deleted my last comment. but in response to your comment on my old post in Shanghai - yes! i loved walking around and discovering the little boutiques around Maoming and Fuxing rd, as well as Tianzifang (there's an AMAZING bespoke qipao store there. still kicking myself for not buying one). i'm intrigued that you grew up in Shanghai! that's a very special city to me for personal reasons. feel free to email me and we can share more shanghai stories :)