October 30, 2010

It happened really quickly, actually. Over a long weekend this month I went to visit my friends in Philadelphia, where it was actually pretty hot, and when I got back to New York the season had officially turned -- it's now regularly 30 or 40 degrees during the day. The wild colors of autumn foliage are splayed all across campus, and it's impossible to stay indoors. What a pretty time of year.


  1. Living vicariously since I have no shopping here.
    May I ask what the three symbols on your blog title means? Do you just like dots?

  2. It's the therefore sign three times! I like dots too.

  3. Oh, I don't know how I failed to see that......
    I use them all the time in my own notes (shorthand), but for some reason I thought it was Braille. (Googling revealed that it wasn't braille).