January 22, 2010

It's been raining hard in Los Angeles, a city that doesn't know how to deal with inclement weather at all. Every morning I wave to the mailman from inside my window. He is drenched and has a crooked shower cap clamped on his hat. The FedEx guy gave up altogether and dragged a damp package up my driveway and then had to come back because he forgot to get a signature.


  1. oh vivien..you always seem to encourage the materialist in me. I want that messenger bag now!! =( I thinkwe might have been on the same street when the rainbow hit! Was that taken on Del Mar? ok, I might be being delusional...

  2. Hi Erica, the rainbow was right behind my house, not really close to Del Mar.

    I bought the Jack Spade in 2006, when I imagined I could be some female version of the sleek metrosexual city guy. It took me several years to really figure out what I like, which is a more rugged country style (like Filson) -- less tailored but better made, too.

    (JS, though, has a really nice latex dipped utility bag right now. I wish I didn't already have this bag so I could justify that instead!)


  3. I love that picture of the squirrel with his bedragged tail in the rain. (Do squirrels have obvious sex differences? I don't think so.)