December 24, 2009

I could have breakfast food all day long but should probably learn to make some of it myself, especially if it's just diced potato and flecks of bacon, onion, and jalapeño glued together with lightly scrambled egg and then wrapped in a tortilla straitjacket. With some roast tomato sauce and melted cheese on top, it's an easy dish to multiply for friends.

China is the newest retail frontier, and for that reason shopping in America is more practical. Most store windows in Shanghai serve only to coax aspirations. Except for the sliver of the population that is China's new super rich, nobody can afford to pay retail prices on high-end Western brands. Meager sales happen at the best department stores because the idea is to build a brand that young people can covet rather than to actually sell things. There's plenty time of time for that later.

We're going bird watching!

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  1. Between bird-watching & cacti, you're slowly turning into my old college roommate. This means that you'll have camping to look forward to next :-P