April 26, 2009

gobble gobble

These days I stop at WF in the morning to pick up a sandwich, always with the same ingredients: turkey, bacon, sundried tomato aioli, avocado, spinach and swiss. When I retire I hope to have a little sandwich shop operation.


  1. I love the new caterpillar header! Did you see him at the Festival of Books by any chance?
    Also, the sandwich picture makes me hungry...

  2. AYYYY are you an Eric Carle fan as well? I knew he was going to be at FoB, but I just couldn't get out that weekend (for fear of torpedoing my studies). I think he even did a book signing for an hour on Saturday!

    On Monday I tried to go to the bookstore to get a tote bag with the caterpillar on it, but even that had sold out. AY.