April 11, 2009

Wailin Tse's home in Apartamento
I've been obsessed with cookbooks lately, even though I don't always get a chance to cook from them. I'd like a book on Indian food.


  1. You should visit an indian grocery (or sweets and spices store, as so many of them seem to be called) that has a friendly proprietor, and ask them about the foods they like. We have an indian grocery within walking distance of our apartment and the proprietor is so friendly and tells us all sorts of things about indian food. (this place is great!)

    As an avid NYTimes reader, you'll no doubt be aware of the no-knead bread recipes Bittman has published, but they're actually quite tasty and much, much easier to make.

    Molecular Gastronomy is an excellent food book. It has only a couple of recipes, of which I've tried only one, but that one was an amazing success which I have reprised many times. But, better than recipes, it gives you the start of a framework and cognitive model for how to think about food.

  2. I really really love the Williams Sonoma cookbooks, mostly because they are so beautiful. The recipes are nothing special...but the books sure look nice on the bookshelf. I know how you feel about Mark Bittman, but he has some really easy and really tasty curry recipes (stuck-pot rice, in particular, but you need a good pot because the rice gets REALLY STUCK on my crappy pots.